Serving Up the Perfect Pitch #AuthorToolbox

With the arrival of conference season, it’s time to get those rusty social skills out and start polishing. For me, that means reevaluating my manuscript and figuring out how to talk about it in a brief and interesting fashion. In other words, getting my pitch ready. Of course, "pitch" is really a poor word [...]

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First Lines, First Pages, and First Dates #IWSG

Spring is a season of beginnings and, for my writing, the season of enduring. I want to be outside enjoying the sun, regardless of what my allergies may say. Although I use my community to help stay motivated, most days it is a struggle to sit down and write. This year the first day [...]

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Author Toolbox Blog Hop: Creating a Strong First Impression

Tournament roleplaying is a different experience entirely from playing in a home campaign. For four hours you share an experience with a group of people, usually strangers, telling a story, and then you just go your separate ways. This means every game you must introduce your character from scratch. After hundreds of introductions, I [...]

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Find Your Writing Community #IWSG

Like most writers, my writing comes in waves. Some days I am riding a high, soaring over the water, and then I get dragged beneath the waves, crushed by the scope of my novel and feeling like I am going nowhere. When my productivity low tide hits, I help others for motivation. Rooting for [...]

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Author Toolbox Blog Hop: A Year in Review

So, my planned post for this month's blog hop isn't quite finished so I thought there couldn't be a better time to show just how amazing the Author Toolbox Blog Hop is! Here I have compiled every article I could find and categorized them.  If I missed one of yours please leave a comment [...]

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IWSG: Staying Motivated for the Road Ahead

Writing a novel is a lot like an endurance sport. You start out on a high with big dreams and lofty goals. Then you try to set up a routine and realize this is hard. Once you manage a routine (that inevitably falls apart from time to time) you have periods where you’re flying [...]

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Author Toolbox: Character Creation-Crystallizing Your Characters

One of the quintessential steps for my concept creation came from a fill-in character sheet for Dungeons & Dragons. Stuffed in a corner underneath a large section letting you describe your character’s appearance, there was a small box labeled “Personality” and beneath it in fine text were instructions that read “List 6 words to [...]

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IWSG-For the Love of Speculative

Writers are intimidating. Many may be awkward, even antisocial, but most are well-read and that can be daunting to someone who isn’t. I have never considered myself well-read. Maybe a decade or three from now I might, but I definitely don’t now. As a child, I wasn’t a reader. My childhood was spent coloring, [...]

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Author Toolbox: Character Creation – From Meeple to People

I have never loved the perfect hero. The old-school heroes like Superman felt too good to be true. I blame my brothers, of course, for my issues with the pure protagonist.  My first RPG character set me on the path for creating a flawed hero, and I have never looked back. During my first [...]

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