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Welcome to the site of E.M.A. Timar.

I recently embarked on a daunting and amazing journey to transform myself from hobbyist writer to full-fledged author. It’s sure to have ups and downs and probably plenty of swerving bits in the middle. However, I am committed, which means that eventually I will succeed by sheer force of will (if nothing else).

Through this site I hope to share stories about the journey, especially those swerving bits in the middle, and stories that strike a chord inside me.  The thought of sharing my work is both exciting and terrifying. It causes my stomach to quiver as much as it did getting up in front of a crowd to sing. Yet somehow sharing writing, even fictional, seems more revealing. Fear just let’s you know you are alive, and if the task isn’t life-threatening, that what you are doing is important.

I can promise this journey won’t be brief, but that is about all I can promise. Welcome to my journey and wherever it takes me.

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