Taking the plunge to find balance on National Writing Date Day

boy_cannonballing_by_g_pellegrinoWhen I was a kid I always jumped straight in the pool not even considering to check the temperature. Although I might check the waters when it comes to pursuing a goal, once I commit I leap in. The commitments start with invigorating rush just like the moment of flying through the air before you hit the water. You start to figure things out, and it is refreshing like the cool water hitting your skin. As you go deeper, working through trials and trying to manage your everyday with your passion, the water rushes over your head. Sometimes, there is a single moment in the darkness when you think, “What did I just do?” or “Can I do this?” However, you shove your insecurities aside and do the work,  pushing through the water as you rise back toward the light above the surface. Breaking into the sunlight is the best feeling in the world. You leapt, and it was all worth it.

My most recent leap has been into the world of writing. I may have jumped into the kiddie pool first, deciding to write for myself. Working on the concept for the world and story, small whispers telling me to do something more crept into my mind and stayed for an entire year. Then last November I realized that paddling around in warm waters wasn’t enough. I wanted to share my work. The story needs to be told. So, I got out, walked to the deep end, and took a new leap. Since then there have been several dark moments of doubt and exhilarating moments of break-through.
life-864383_by_unsplashNow I am floating in the pool trying to find a rhythm. I do the work, lap after lap, page after page. I love it. I write, edit, share my work with others, edit some more, and repeat. I get engrossed. Then time has flown by, and I realize that everything else in my life has been left abandoned. So I change strokes, focusing in on my real life, getting things squared away and done. Time passes and I realize I haven’t written anything in nearly a week. It is a real challenge for me to find a balance with my jumping-in-with-both-feet personality.

For September, I am committing to finding a better balance. A balance between my writing and everyday responsibilities. Between figuring out what my brand is, promoting myself, and actually writing. Between being a good spouse, writer, friend, and pup-parent. And somewhere in all of that I am going to try and find a little more time to take care of me. It is a lot to put on the plate for one month.  And I really wish I could jump in with both feet with a goal of balance, but the best way to change is a little bit at a time.

Since today is National Writing Date Day, I am going on a writing date with myself to work on my novel. I will spend some time with Sena, my main character, and start that first re-write. I don’t know where I am going to head yet. If the weather gets a little better, somewhere outside, otherwise to a coffeehouse. Then to add some balance I am taking my husband out on a date as well, a movie and some dinner. It may be a small start, but it is a beginning.

If you have any tips about finding balance or a great writing-date location, tell me in comments.


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  1. Dawn Byrne September 3, 2016 at 2:26 pm - Reply

    Very insightful. You’re not alone in your struggle for balance. Thank you this.

  2. Raimey Gallant March 25, 2017 at 8:45 pm - Reply

    Great metaphor!

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